Payment Methods

Bank Transfer

Trusted by millions worldwide, Bank Transfer is a dependable method for all transactions. With the time-tested and secure SEPA and SWIFT Bank Transfers you can manage your funds with security in the world of online sports betting.


Betting transactions are simplified with this user-friendly digital wallet. With a single tap you can deposit and withdraw funds, with no unnecessary complexities, ensuring safety. It is easy and secure, with no complicated processes, making online betting as easy as it gets.


For those betting fans looking for speed and security, AstroPay is probably the ideal choice. It offers quick financial transactions and it provides a safe environment for your money. Whether you are depositing or withdrawing, AstroPay guarantees fast and secure processes. You can bet confidently with the speed and reliability of AstroPay.


Revolut is a modern banking alternative that makes transactions a breeze. With features like real-time currency exchange and budget tracking, Revolut goes beyond the basics, offering opportunities tailored to each online bettor separately. You can enjoy betting with Revolut for its convenience, transparency, and cutting-edge financial tools.


Try a secure way to manage your betting funds, while enjoying seamless privacy and freedom. Explore the variety of cryptocurrencies available, like Bitcoin Ethereum, Tether or other options, and take your betting to new levels.

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