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Explore Fair999 Betfair Alternative Choices with Winfair24

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Looking for an alternative choice to Fair Exchange? We are here for you. In this guide you can explore all the betting exchange options, continuing with Winfair24 betting exchange.

About Winfair24

Winfair24 is another Betfair alternative platform like Fair999 Exchange. It operates under the label “Powered by Betfair” which means that it uses its technology and it shares similar odds, markets and liquidity. Like any other betting exchange, Winfair24 is a platform where bettors can place bets against other bettors and offer back or lay bets. Winfair24 is a unique betting exchange, because it is one of the most all inclusive betting platforms that is not limited in offering mainly sports events, but it dedicates special sections to casino games and virtual sports. For those looking to transit from Fair999 to another exchange account, Winfair24 is an attractive choice.

Winfair24 is a betting exchange that has greater betting pool comparing to Fair Exchange, which means that it offers better liquidity. Liquidity is very important in betting exchanges, because all bets need to be matched; every back bet needs to be matched by a lay bet and vice versa. This means that for every backer betting for an outcome, there has to be a layer willing to bet against it.

With a betting exchange with high liquidity such as Winfair24, bettors can find very attractive odds. The odds are offered in decimal format and bettors can either accept the odds already offered by other bettors, or offer their own and wait for their bets to be matched. This is very advantageous because, with better odds, they increase their chances to generate bigger profit.

Winfair24 offers a wide selection of sports – covering 21 sports – , eSports and special bets, with a special section for soccer and fantasy sports with a wide range of events and markets. It features a Games section for back and lay bets on popular card games such as BlackJack, Hi Lo, Texas Hold’Em, Baccarat and Omaha Hi. It also offers a variety of Casino options, including Live Dealer games, along with a large selection of Teenpatti card games, Slots and Table Games. Cricket fans can place their bets in the main sportsbook or they can use the dedicated Cricketbook

In Orbit Exchange bettors can enjoy cool features such as the lay option on the majority of sports events and markets. They can place pre-match games and use the In-Play feature to place live bets while they can lock in their profits or cut their losses with the cash out option that is available on certain events or markets. Another flexible feature is the One Click Stake with which bettors can speed the betting process by clicking on a preset amount.

How to Access Winfair24?

In order to have access to Betfair alternative exchanges such as Winfair24, you cannot do it directly as you would do with Betfair. You need the help of a betting broker or agent, such as Brokerstorm. A broker is a team of people that will help you register, they will set up your account, they will provide you with login details, they will help you make a deposit, they will put your deposited money to your betting account, they will take your money out of your betting account and they will send it to your bank account whenever you want to withdraw, and they will offer customer support service most hours of the day for any issue that might come up or to answer all your questions.

It is very important to find a robust and reputable betfair alternative platform, as it is equally important to find trustworthy brokerage services.

Why Register Here?

Opening a Winfair24 account with Brokerstorm gives you the opportunity to enjoy plenty of advantages

  • You can also have access to all betting sportsbooks and exchanges with just a single account
  • You will be charged with low commission fee.
  • You can choose one of the welcome offers: 20% welcome deposit bonus of up to 200EUR or 10% cashback on losses
  • You can enjoy flexible payment methods. You can make a bank transfer, use wallets and e-payment options, such as AstroPay and MuchBetter. You can even use any cryptocurrency you want to deposit and withdraw your funds.
  • You will not be charged with any additional deposit and withdrawal fees.
  • You will have a dedicated team of experts to support you on a daily basis for anything you might need through email, live chat or Skype.

Do you feel ready to have a similar betting experience with Winfair24 as you would have with Fair999?

Register Now and may the Odds be on your favor!