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Fair999 vs Winfair24

Fair999 vs Winfair24

In the world of online betting exchanges, Betfair exchange is the most renowned platform holding the biggest share of the industry. Due to geographical and jurisdictional restrictions, Betfair is not available to every bettor across the globe. For this reason various Betfair alternative exchanges have been created that offer similar Betfair experience with fewer restrictions. In this article, we will compare two powered by Betfair exchanges, Fair999 and Winfair24.

User Interface

Fair999, also known as FairExchange, has been around in the industry since its inception in 2015. It offers a simple and fast platform design that is tailored especially for beginners. The interface is intuitive where the navigation can be easy. It is very user friendly for those new to online betting exchanges with a very simple and comprehensive layout.

Winfair24 has been in the online betting exchange scene since 2017 and it offers an interface that resembles more that of Betfair. It is more polished and professional than the interface of Fair999 and it is suited for both beginners and experienced bettors. Fair999 offers a simple layout and Winfair24 takes it a step further with a more sophisticated design and advanced features.

Sports Availability and Betting Markets

When it comes the availability of sports, Fair999 offers a short selection of sports, such as soccer, tennis, basketball, cricket, horse racing and greyhound racing. It covers all popular leagues of those sports, but it lacks diversity compared to Winfair24. Winfair24 follows Betfair’s footsteps and it offers an extensive selection of over 25 sports. It is more suitable for bettors with diverse betting preferences from mainstream sports to niche options like MMA and eSports. With a broad range of sports, bettors can have plenty of options to explore and wager on.

In terms of betting markets, both platforms offer a wide range of options, including popular markets such as match odds and over/under, to Asian Handicap and special markets. Both Fair999 and WInfair24 offer a plethora of betting options that will help all types of bettors to apply their betting strategies with ease.

Additional Features

Both Fair999 and Winfair24 offer the in-play feature, allowing bettors to place bets on live events as they unfold. Winfair24 offers additional features that help bettors have quick and effective betting experience. It offers the cash-out feature that allows punter to cash out their bets early. With this feature bettors can secure their profits or limit their losses. It also offers the “Quick Bet” feature for live event betting and the “Betting Trends” feature for monitoring how odds have shifted for specific markets. In terms of additional features, Winfair24 helps bettors to make more informed decisions, place their bets with more confidence and increase their chances for more profit.

Odds and Commission

Fair999 and Winfair24 are Betfair clones and this means that they share the same odds, markets and liquidity. Betting exchanges usually offer more attractive odds than traditional sportsbooks because bettors compete against other bettors and they have the chance to offer their own odds. On both platforms bettors can enjoy odds to their favor and maximize their potential winnings.

When choosing a betting exchange the commission fee charged on all winning bets is very important. As both Fair999 and Winfair24 can be accessed only through a betting broker, it is up to the broker’s discretion what commission rate will be charged for offering their services. Lower commission translates to higher potential profits for bettors.

Accessibility and Payment Methods

As mentioned above, both Fair999 and Winfair24 require bettors to access them through a betting broker like The broker is the intermediary between the users and the platforms and is responsible for the account management of the players and it offers customer support service. Brokers offer payment methods to their clients and they make sure to include various flexible options to facilitate every user’s needs. These methods usually include bank transfers, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. As they address to players from all around the world, brokers try to ensure accessibility and convenience for every user regardless of their location or banking preferences.

Transition and User Experience

For Fair999 users transitioning to Winfair24, the process is very easy and the experience is elevated. Winfair24 offers a user-friendly interface with additional options to sportsbetting, like Casino, Live Dealers, Slots, Teenpatti and Fantasy Sports. Fair999 offers Casino option as well, but with the diverse range of gaming options in Winfair24 there is something for every bettor, whether they are interested in sports betting, casino games, eSports or virtual leagues. Winfair24 allows players to personalize better their account. They can adjust setting like time zone and enable features like Dark Mode for enhanced visibility.


Both Fair999 and WInfair24 offer excellent alternatives to traditional sportsbooks. Each platform is suitable for different user preferences and strategies. Fair999 excels in simplicity and faster bet acceptance, and it is ideal for beginners or casual bettors. Winfair24 stands out with its extensive sports selection, and additional features. It is a preferred choice for experienced bettors or those seeking advanced betting functionalities. The choice between the two depends on individual preferences, betting strategies and desired features. Both platforms offer options for those looking to try something different and maximize their potential profits.