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Exploring Betfair Alternatives – Fair999 Exchange

Betfair Alternatives

It is beyond doubt that when it comes to betting exchanges, Betfair is the ultimate bookmaker to provide seamless betting experience to its players, due to its vast range of markets, its cutting edge technology and its huge liquidity. Because of various jurisdictional and geographical restrictions, not all players around the globe can be part of this experience. For this reason, other exchanges have shown into the map as “betfair alternatives”, otherwise known as “powered by Betfair” exchanges. These exchanges are supported by Betfair, in terms that they use its software technology and they share almost the same markets, odds, and liquidity.

In this article we will explore the Fair999 Exchange and the reasons why it is a very good Betfair Alternative option.

About Fair999 Exchange

Established in 2015, Fair999 Exchange has been around as a powered by Betfair exchange for almost a decade. This exchange follows the high standards set by Betfair and it focuses on technological update and innovation, as well as qualitative betting choices in sports markets, odds, and liquidity. They take one sports market at a time, and when it reaches a substantial and critical mass liquidity, then, they proceed in including the next one. As in betting exchanges players bet against one another in matched bets, it is quite understood why they take great care of the liquidity levels.

It offers an innovative platform where the players can find a wide range of sports markets and events to bet on, with similar odds and liquidity as Betfair, as well as similar Betfair features.

Let’s see more closely what makes Fair999 Exchange stand out.

What are the pros of Fair999 Exchange?

As we mentioned above, for a Betfair alternative exchange to be considered a good choice for players to bet on, it is essential that the exchange preserve the strengths and core features that Betfair has to offer. With this in mind, Fair999 Exchange is an ideal Betfair alternative option for all sorts of players, as it offers many advantages.

Technology and User Interface

As in all betfair clones, Fair999 Exchange uses the same software as Betfair. This means that they use technology that is already tried and tested, which is a great advantage as they have the ability to provide a solid technological background for a smooth betting experience for their players. The platform is designed to be user friendly for both professional and recreational players, with an easy to navigate interface, mobile friendly features and fast loading.

Sports Markets

Fair999 Exchange addresses to all sorts of players, whether professional or recreational. For this reason, it offers not only a variety of sports markets, but quality as well. It covers 28 markets with more than 3000 daily sport events, both popular and niche, which is one of its most distinguishing characteristics, as it focuses on ever update and improve the list of markets and events offered.

Transparent Odds

As in every betting exchange, in Fair999 Exchange too, with the back and lay bet system, the odds are not determined by a centralized bookmaker, but by the users themselves. If a player is not satisfied with the odds offered by the exchange, they can make their suggestion, set up their offer in the pre-match or during in-play and wait for another player to match their bet. This is one of the biggest perks of the betting exchanges in general, as the pricing can be more transparent and the odds much better.

Critical Mass Liquidity

Fair999 Exchange carefully chooses the markets and the events it intergrades and it focuses on one markets and respective events at a time, with the scope of attracting a significant user base to reach a critical mass liquidity level, and then proceed with including the next one. This is one of the key elements of a successful betting exchange that can offer long term and sustainable betting experience.

Low minimum stake

This is another great advantage that Fair999 Exchange presents in comparison with the other betting exchanges, as it offers the lowest minimum stake in the industry, which is only 1€ (euro). This is an awesome perk, especially for attracting beginner players.

Cash-Out Option

This is a feature firstly introduced by Betfair Exchange, which gives every player the opportunity to settle a bet and lock in their profit or loss before the event ends. This is a very useful “safety net” to secure winnings and minimizing losses without having to wait for an event to finish.

In-Play Betting

Offering this feature, Fair999 Exchange allows players to place their bets while a match or a race or any other event offered is in progress. This gives them the opportunity to bet on all sorts of micro-events occurring throughout an event, such as who will be charged with the next yellow cart in a soccer match or who will win the first set in a tennis match.

How to access Fair999 Exchange?

At the moment, the only way to gain access to the Fair999 Exchange is by using a betting brokerage service. The betting broker, otherwise known as betting agent, receives the account opening requests, guides the players through the registration process, and as soon as the email verification and the KYC policy are completed, they provide access to the Fair999 Exchange betting platform. All transactions, deposit and withdrawal requests are done through them, they manage the players accounts, they provide customer support service and they can be contacted by the players for anything they might need with various ways.

Why open a Fair999 account with Brokerstorm

Brokerstorm has a long experience providing high level online betting brokerage services and is widely known for offering access to the best Betfair alternative exchanges in the industry.


Brokerstorm falls under the jurisdiction of the country of Curacao and it is operated by REDLINE LIMITED in Cyprus. The agent pays great emphasis on providing a smooth betting experience to all players applying all the legal norms and building long term relationships of reliability and trust.

Security Measures

Brokerstorm is dedicated in soothing the biggest worry of the online betting players, which is no other than the security of their funds. It is working constantly on adopting multiple layers of security. With advanced encryption protocols and strong verification measures, the players can enjoy their betting activities, knowing that their personal information and their funds are fully protected.

Multiple bookmakers with one account

Brokerstorm is proud to provide access to the biggest Asian bookmakers and sports betting exchanges in the industry. The players can have access to these products with a single account! Together with Fair999 Exchange, the players can also have access to Orbit Exchange, Winfair24, Betnfair, Whitehorse and PS3838/Pinnacle. The players can move their funds from one account to the other completely for free just by contacting the customer support service.

Payment Flexibility

Brokerstorm offers a multitude of flexible payment methods, accepting e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter, AstroPay, bank transfers (Sepa & Swift) as well as crypto transactions. The currencies offered are EUR and the vast majority of the cryptocurrencies offered in the biggest crypto exchanges.

Fees and Charges

Depositing with each payment method offered by Brokerstorm is free of charge. The minimum deposit is 50€ (for bank transfers is 150€) or the equivalent in cryptocurrencies. The first withdrawal in a calendar month is free, after which a 1.5% fee is applied.

Customer Support

Brokerstorm offers a very experienced 16/7 customer support service with welcoming dedicated representatives ready to help via e-mail, live chat, telegram, and Skype.

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In conclusion, Fair999 Exchange is a great choice for those not having access to original Betfair accounts or those wanting to explore more Betfair alternative options. It offers a user friendly betting platform with a wide range of sports markets, in each of which the players are offered great odds, high liquidity and the lowest minimum stake in the industry. Combining it with the brokerage services of Brokerstorm, both professional and recreational players will find what they need for a secure and smooth betting experience.