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Fair999 vs Whitehorse

Searching for the best Betfair alternative is definitely a daunting task. Since there are many renowned options and a huge offering of betting exchanges, you might be completely unaware of which one you will opt for. In this article, we’ll analyze perhaps the two best Betfair clones, that according to our thorough review, come on top of bettors’ preferences. Fairexchange / Fair999 vs Whitehorse are two betting exchanges that have many similarities, yet their product approach is somewhat different, and we will explain below their similarities, differences, pros and cons.

To begin with, both Fair999 and Whitehorse are two operators that can solely be accessed through a betting broker or a betting agent. Since you cannot normally access Betfair itself due to geo-restrictions, a brokerage gives you the opportunity to access top-notch betting exchanges such as the above-mentioned Betfair’s alternatives without limitations.

The only thing demanded from your side is to open an account at a brokerage, follow a specific KYC process, activate the account and access a wide variety of products. Typically, a betting broker can offer you more than enough options to back or even lay your bets through a single account, so that you won’t be limited to Fairexchange and Whitehorse but also opt for other great options.

Apart from that, in case you consider yourself an experienced or even professional bettor, there are specific sectors you take into account before choosing the right betting exchange. The betting market’s availability is possibly one of the most essential ones you’ll check before starting wagering.

Fair999 is an operator, established in 2015 and since then it has evolved its betting market offering to a large extent. Perhaps you might be familiar with Betfair’s available markets and luckily Fair exchange is no exception.

Here, you can find more than 30.000 available betting markets to bet pre-event on a monthly basis. The site excels in popular sports such as football as there is an abundance of available options such as the classic 1X2, over/under in goals, goal lines, Asian handicaps, the first team to score, double chance odds/even, scorecast and many more. Besides that, they provide a great selection of special bets and outright bets in other sports such as cricket, horse racing and greyhound racing.

On the other hand, talking about Whitehorse betting markets, you will definitely find a wide array by simply searching through the site. However, the options are less than Fair999 in popular sports and you will typically find about 10.000 markets monthly to back or lay your bets. Since Whitehorse excel in horse racing betting, they even offer a horse racing lay betting option compared to Fairexchange where you don’t have this option.

Another sector that is very important before selecting a great betting exchange, is the availability of sports together with the offered matches and leagues that come with them. As we’ve been comparing two prominent exchanges, we think that there lies a big difference between them.

Definitely, Fair999 comes with more betting markets than Whitehorse, nonetheless, the latter offers way more sporting events. Look no further than the main page and you will see a wide variety of sports such as soccer, basketball, cricket, tennis, athletics, darts, horse racing, greyhounds, golf, MMA, motorsports, rugby, snooker and more. Every major league is thankfully available and in most events, you will find great liquidity to wager.

On the other hand, Fair Exchange is more selective in its offered sports as you will normally benefit from six specific ones. Namely soccer, basketball, tennis, cricket, horse racing and greyhounds. Although you may think that these sports are not enough, know that Fairexchange usually provides more markets to bet at and in their feature ‘’Today’s card’’, you can search among popular horse racing or greyhound events with high liquidity.

If you are a live betting enthusiast, both sites have a great offering and options that can easily satisfy your needs. Talking about Fair999 it comes with about 15.000 live betting markets available monthly and if you take a quick look at their ‘’In-play’’ section you’ll see that almost all events come with high liquidity even if we’re talking about cricket or greyhounds.

Perhaps there was one thing that somewhat disappointed us and this is the unavailability of a cash-out option as compared to Betfair, there is no such thing here. Sure, you might never use it as a pro punter but it is always nice to think there is a tool through which you will cut your losses or even lock in profit instantly.

If we have to compare Fair999 live betting to Whitehorse, it has no significant differences except for the available markets as the latter comes with slightly less on a monthly basis. Albeit, the fact that you can lay on horse racing in-play is unique and you will find many sure bet opportunities. White horse has great liquidity, especially in horse racing and you will most possibly find a match for your lay bets.

As we’ve managed to compare and analyze both operators’ features product-wise, it’s about time we talked about their available payment methods. Here things are really straightforward and there is no real comparison between them. Meaning that you can only access Fair999 and White horse through sports betting brokers such as Brokerstorm. The available payment options depend on the broker’s offering.

Talking about Brokerstorm’s available payments, after registering with us and activating your account, you will benefit from six different payment methods for your convenience. These are popular e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and MuchBetter, bank transfer, Astropay card and even Bitcoin.

All of these methods can be used both for deposits and withdrawals. In our case, the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount for every payment has been set at €50. The sole exception is the bank transfer as you can top-up your account and withdraw funds starting from €150.

Except for the available payment methods, a very important aspect that can help you make up your mind is the period it takes for every transaction to be completed. If you request a withdrawal through Brokerstorm customer support, know that we facilitate every single one of them in less than 4 hours. However, it always depends on the operator to complete the payment on their behalf and this might take up to 72 hours.

Normally, when you register with a betting agent and access a handful of betting exchanges or sportsbooks, you will normally address every transaction request or any other inquiry to their customer support. If you opt for Brokerstorm and need assistance with payments or account issues, you can easily contact us through two main channels, email and chat. By the time we receive a query one of our experts handles your issue instantly and effectively.

If you feel that a broker’s support is not enough to make you opt for the relevant site, know that Fairexchange comes with its own customer support in case you wish to speed up things. Note that, you can contact the operator directly only if you have a generic question that doesn’t demand the mediation of the brokerage. So, you can go on the main page, select the ‘’Contact Us’’ option and you will be able to reach them through telephone, email and Skype.

Another essential thing you have to keep in mind before choosing Fair999 or Whitehorse is the commission on winnings you will have to pay and their offered odds in general. Well, one thing’s for sure, both of these operators come with the highest odds and liquidity similar to Betfair’s and their approach to long-time winners is what makes the difference at the end of the day.

Fairexchange has similar odds to Betfair’s and its commission lies at 4% which is exactly the same. You will usually find the biggest opportunities in soccer, tennis and greyhounds where you will most likely find the highest liquidity to match your bets.

On the other hand, White horse comes with a great feature that allows you to modify the odds of each bet. Hence, you can increase the chances of your bets being matched. The concept is simple and applies to both back and lay bets as well. Apart from that, you can also choose one-click betting and set up a specific amount according to your strategy. The amount varies from €10 – €250.

As for our final verdict, it’s pretty simple actually. Since you can create a single account and access both Fairexchange and White Horse through betting agents such as Brokerstorm, you can try the operators’ products and judge which one suits you better according to your style of play and strategy. The fair exchange comes with fewer sports but more betting markets available, whereas White horse specializes in horse racing lay betting and comes with more sports available. Regardless of your final choice, each site excels in specific aspects and you will definitely find big betting opportunities.