Betfair Alternative Accounts, Fair999 Exchange

How to create a Fair999 account

How to create a Fair999 account

Fair exchange is one of the best white label betting exchanges worldwide and it is considered perhaps the best Betfair alternative. It was established in 2015 and since then it has largely evolved as your go-to operator especially if you are not able to access Betfair.

So, since you’ve come to read this article, we suppose you are more or less familiar with the term “Betfair clone” and you’ve been searching for a site that can be trusted to put your wagers there without an issue.

Sure, there are many reasons to opt for a betting exchange like Fair999. Of course, the first and foremost one is your unavailability to access Betfair itself either due to geo-restrictions or because they have limited or even closed your account.

Regardless of the reason, you need to know that Fair exchange is much more than what we mentioned in our intro. Every single expert who runs this site has been trying to differentiate it from Betfair in a good way and pass it off with new innovative features. Meaning that even if Fair999 has the same odds, high liquidity and commission as Betfair, it has brought a brand new interface completely different from the strict one of Betfair.

Besides that, they have paid close attention to every detail and created a mobile-friendly site where punters will be able to back and lay their bets instantly. Apart from every single feature you might benefit from, you need to get started with the basics which means that your first step is how you will actually create an account at Fair999 and start placing your bets.

At first glance, you will see that there is only one selection on the main page and this is the Fair exchange login button whereas there is nowhere a Fair999 create account button. There is a basic reason behind that as you can only access this prominent betting exchange through a sports betting broker. A brokerage, also known as sports betting agent is a mediator who acts as a middleman between bettors and betting exchanges or bookmakers and practically places bets on their behalf.

Through a sports betting broker, you will be able to access numerous operators simply by using one single account with them without having to worry about country restrictions or transferring funds. This way, you will be able to compare and find the best odds available on the market, hence, find sure bets to make a profit.

So, the first thing you have to do is find a betting broker that will offer you a smooth Fair999 login in the easiest way possible. If you’ve been wondering what is the process, we will explain everything below as here in Brokerstorm we provide not only the opportunity to create an account at Fair999 but also access to an abundance of distinguished betting exchanges and Asian bookies worldwide.

First things first, you are here, which is the initial step to search through Brokerstorm, find helpful guides to become a smarter and more experienced bettor and decide whether or not you want to benefit from a betting broker. If you’ve reached a conclusion to make good use of our product and eventually do a Fair exchange login then all you have to do is go to the registration page.

There you have to complete the registration form by putting all the essential info such as your data, email, country of origin and phone number. If you feel reluctant in a way to opt for an operator like Brokerstorm, know that it is licensed and regulated in Curacao which is a sign of safety and transparency. As a result, your personal data as well as your payment info are completely protected by the latest encryption system. Certainly, you will be able to learn every possible detail on the TnCs form under the registration form.

As soon as you will have completed the sign-up process, a few steps will have to remain to do a Fair999 login. You will receive a confirmation email, through which you will be able to access test accounts to all of the available products including Fair exchange and do your first login. Note that by that time you will not have a real account, thus, you will not manage to make a deposit and start playing as you need to make a few more steps.

So, after registration and email confirmation, you will have to complete the KYC process which is mandatory and ensures the transparency, safety and regulatory framework under which we operate. As you will create an account in order to access Fair999, we will request two basic kinds of documents. These are the proof of your identity and proof of your address.

The first document can either be an ID card, passport or a driving license and it should include your full name, date of birth and a clear picture of yourself. Talking about the latter, you have the flexibility to send us a recent proof of address among many options. These are credit or bank account statements or utility bills of any kind such as water, phone or electricity. Note that your proof must not be older than 3 months in order to be valid.

Once the responsible team will have thoroughly reviewed your provided documents, the process will finish and your account will be fully verified. Keep in mind that this process might take approximately 24-48 hours until every single document is checked.

So, before attempting a Fair999 login, you have to make sure you will address Brokerstorm customer support and request to activate your real-money account and within the next few hours, you will be able to gain access to the betting exchange through your single account.

Now, as a next step, you might’ve been wondering how you will top up your account and start wagering. The good thing is that Brokerstorm has already got you covered as we proudly offer more than enough options to all of our clients in terms of payment methods.

After making your first Fair exchange login, you will see that there is an indication on TnCs that all payments are facilitated by the betting agent that has provided you with your account credentials. So, you won’t even have to enter the site to deposit. What you will have to do is log in to your Brokerstorm account, go to the payment methods, and select your preferred payment.

At the moment, we have six popular payments for your convenience and you will definitely find one that suits your needs in order to do a Fair999 login and start wagering. Besides bank transfer, you will find available e-wallets Skrill, Neteller and MuchBetter, Astropay card and even Bitcoin that can help you make payments under the radar. The best part of Fair exchange comes with the minimum stake amount that has been set at just €1. As you can understand it’s great and gives the opportunity even to recreational bettors to get started without having to worry about largely exposing their bankroll.

The minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts have been set at €50 for both except for the bank transfer where you will be able to credit your account or withdraw your winnings starting from €150. In Brokerstorm, every deposit is completely free of charge and your first withdrawal of each month as well. If you do a Fair exchange login, place your bets, keep on winning and request more than one withdrawal per month a small 1,5% fee is required to complete it.

You might have been wondering what is the purpose for you not creating an account directly at Fair999 but rather registering with Brokerstorm and making your transactions directly with us. Well, the sole purpose is the convenience and speed you will have during your game. Something which is more than important as a feature for the professional bettor.

Just imagine, trying to find sure bet opportunities to arbitrate and at the same time having to transfer funds between different sharp bookies and betting exchanges back and lay simultaneously. The chances are not on your side as you will most probably manage to exploit the odds displayed, thus, missing your window.

Through Brokerstorm you will not only do a Fair999 login and start placing bets, but you will also manage to access top-notch operators that come with the best odds on the market, high betting limits and above all an arbitrage-friendly approach where winners will always be welcome.

At the end of the day, everything is simple. After creating your account and completing the processes we mentioned above, you will access at the same time a wide array of betting exchanges and Asian bookmakers. You will check their odds and by using an arbitrage calculator you will save time and know exactly which is the correct amount you will place at each selection.

Of course, since you won’t even have to transfer funds, you will instantly place your bets simultaneously on two or more operators and all that without worrying about cancelled bets, closed accounts or confiscated winnings. What more could you possibly cherish?