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How to bet on Fair Exchange Live Betting?

Learn how to bet on Fair Exchange

Fair exchange, also known as Fair999 is one of the most renowned betting exchanges among Betfair’s white labels. Even if you are not able to access Betfair due to country restrictions, then Fair999 is a great choice for backing and laying your bets regardless of your level of expertise as a punter. Learn how to bet on Fair Exchange

The operator was established back in 2015 and it basically comes with the same odds and liquidity as Betfair without extra charges as well. Perhaps what makes Fair exchange unique is the fact that it has brought many innovations to bettors’ lives that have evolved on its own compared to Betfair. You can even see it from the fact that it has brought a brand-new interface that has nothing similar to Betfair’s. Within the last few years, more and more players opt for Fair exchange to enjoy a solid offering both pre-event and live.

Since you’ve been reading this article, it’s plausible that you wish to learn everything there is to know about the latter. What makes Fair Exchange live betting great and how you can benefit from this top-notch product? We certainly don’t know which player type you are and if the Fair999 live betting section will be your go-to site. In any case, we can promise you that keeping up with us will be more than fruitful. By the end of the article, we’ll have given you more than enough reasons to give it a go!

To begin with, Fair999 live betting isn’t far behind the pre-event offering as people who run this site have paid close attention to detail and they have thought of every aspect of experienced punters’ needs. The operator offers approximately 15.000-20.000 betting markets on a monthly basis as you will typically find more than 15 main markets at each event. What’s best is that you can normally find more than 500 football events daily to back or lay.

Exchange Fair live betting is all about the abundance of sports you are able to bet at. Even if the site started with just a few sports and markets available, it has grown to offer 20+ sports. So typically, you will find just a handful of sports on the main in-play page including football (soccer), tennis, cricket, basketball, horses and greyhounds, nonetheless, if you select the complete list you will see every offered sporting event.

In Fair exchange live betting you will be able to bet on every popular and not that popular sport such as the ones we mentioned a while ago and also other ones. Namely, American football, volleyball, Athletics, Australian rules, baseball, boxing, cycling, darts, golf, handball, ice hockey, MMA, Motorsports, rugby, snooker and even politics such as elections and esports. What more could you possibly ask for?

What’s more, you need to know that besides choosing one of these sports to wager, the minimum amount you can bet is only €1. As a result, even recreational bettors will be able to place their bets without an issue as there are no extra premium charges, thus expanding their winning potential through Fair999 live betting.

Another essential part that comes to mind when talking about exchange Fair live betting is the number of markets/selections per sporting event. Here, the operator shows its true dynamics as each bettor has more than enough options to wager.

If for example, we take into account popular sports such as football, then the available choices are immense, especially in big events like the Champions League or Premier League. Most notably, in Fair exchange live betting you will find selections like the typical 1×2, Asian and normal handicaps, over/under goals, goal lines, double chance, the first team to score, total goals, odds/even and many more.

If football is not one of your preferences and you are an avid basketball fan, Fair999 live betting can get you covered, as, besides the typical 1×2, you can bet on Moneyline, points spread, handicap and total points in almost every event.

The abundance of exchange Fair live betting selections doesn’t stop in the two major sports we mentioned above but also other popular ones such as tennis. Here, the options are even more in big events such as grand slams. Every punter can find more than 15 markets on live, including match odds, game and set winners, a number of games and sets, handicaps, the player who will win the next game or set etc. As you can see, the people of Fair exchange have done a great job offering nothing less than Betfair’s product.

If indeed you are keen on live betting, then Fair exchange doesn’t limit their offered markets there. Know that there are many other sports where you can wager high stakes with great liquidity and one of these sports is cricket. In Fair999 live betting section, you can exploit a wide array of cricket selections such as regular match odds, a number of each innings’s runs, draw no bet, team that will come on top on each inning runs, and player boundaries and runs runs lines and more.

If you are a horse racing betting enthusiast, then through exchange Fair live betting you will manage to wager at every popular event with high liquidity as the available markets are immense. The operator provides a great selection of events from different countries that are categorized in order to guide easily through each separate event.

As a result, if we take for example a UK event available in Fair exchange live betting section, you will be able to wager at markets like each way, handicaps, 3 places etc. The only thing that we thought of as a setback is a fact that you will not be able to lay on horse racing but only back your bets. Nevertheless, since you can access the site through a betting broker such as Brokerstorm, you may back your bet in Fair exchange and lay it in another betting exchange instantly, to lock in sure profit.

Since we mentioned horse racing, we couldn’t fail to write down our review regarding greyhounds betting in the Fair999 live betting section. Surprisingly, the number of available markets per single event surpasses 30-40 selections. As it happens with horses, you can benefit from similar options such as each course winner, forecast, to be placed place and all that separated by every single course depending on the meters that hounds participate (e.g. 390m or 450m).

Frankly, all the info we mentioned above is the core of exchange Fair live betting, however, this site has established itself among the biggest players among popular operators and there are several more reasons besides the ones we wrote earlier.

Through Fair exchange live betting you can check several other features the operator proudly presents to its bettors. One of these is the newly entered cash-out option which is available in selected basic markets. Certainly, it might not be fully available yet, but Fair exchange decision makers and experts will evolve this product offering even more for your convenience. This way, you will find it way easier to cut your losses or lock in profit instantly without having to wait for another punter to match your bet.

Moreover, no matter if you’ve been playing at Fair999 live betting platform or pre-event platform one thing is certain. The mobile interface is great, modern and user-friendly. Even if they lack a quickbet feature, you can easily navigate through sports and individual events without hassle. Eventually, you will manage to place a single bet in less than a few seconds without pressing more than 3 buttons on your device, Android or iOS.

Last but not least, another great feature that makes a huge difference and separates a great operator from a mediocre one is the time needed for your bets to be accepted. Through exchange Fair live betting, you can just as easily place your back or lay bets and you will be certain that they will get accepted in 3-5 seconds. As a result, you won’t waste crucial time and won’t endanger an odds change that will end up wasting your game.

If we have to give an overall rating of Fair exchange live betting that would definitely be an A+. Since you’ve read the whole review, you can understand that this operator has largely evolved these few years of its presence in the betting exchange industry.

If you are an experienced or even a professional bettor, you will definitely have seen many Betfair clones come and go in no time but Fair999 is here to stay. Not only will you find high odds and liquidity both in live betting and pre-event betting, but also benefit from high limits and great features that guarantee a perfect place to back and lay your bets.

We are pretty sure, that despite the few cons that exchange fair live betting has, the operator’s approach and the will to become even better in terms of available sports, markets and new features is what will make the difference and make you try it and keep on wagering with them.